Engineering Assessments

  1. ABE-1-6A Assist with fuel oil transfer
  2. OICEW-1-1A Cut a circular hole using oxyacetylene process
  3. OICEW-1-1B Form two steel plates using brazing process
  4. OICEW-1-1C Form two steel plates using electric arc welding process
  5. OICEW-1-1D Sweat joint
  6. OICEW-1-1E Bend copper tube
  7. OICEW-1-1F Visual test of welded joint
  8. OICEW-1-1G Dye-penetrant test of welded joint
  9. OICEW-2-1A Drill blind hole using drilling machine
  10. OICEW-2-1B Thread a blind hole using hand taps
  11. OICEW-2-1C External thread using a hand die
  12. OICEW-3-1A Plan and use test equipment
  13. OICEW-3-1B Troubleshoot electrical motor control system
  14. OICEW-3-1C Detect location of grounds
  15. OICEW-3-1D Measure insulation resistance
  16. OICEW-3-1E Determine phase rotation
  17. OICEW-4-1A Inspect machinery spaces before assuming watch
  18. OICEW-4-1B Watch Relief
  19. OICEW-4-2A Respond to engine room alarms
  20. OICEW-4-3B Prepare and start main gas turbine
  21. OICEW-4-3E Monitor main gas turbine operation
  22. OICEW-4-3H Secure main gas turbine
  23. OICEW-5-1A Steering gear test
  24. OICEW-5-1B Start refrigeration system
  25. OICEW-5-1C Shut down refrigeration system
  26. OICEW-5-1D Start air compressor
  27. OICEW-5-1E Shut down air compressor
  28. OICEW-5-1F Start fresh water generator
  29. OICEW-5-1G Shut down fresh water generator
  30. OICEW-5-1H Start fuel oil or lube oil purifier
  31. OICEW-5-1I Shut down fuel oil or lube oil purifier
  32. OICEW-5-1J Prepare main propulsion diesel engine for operation
  33. OICEW-5-1K Secure main propulsion diesel engine
  34. OICEW-5-1L Prepare main steam turbine for operation
  35. OICEW-5-1M Monitor main steam turbine operation
  36. OICEW-5-1N Secure main steam turbine operation
  37. OICEW-5-2A Light off main boiler
  38. OICEW-5-2B Secure main boiler
  39. OICEW-5-2C Bottom blow boiler
  40. OICEW-5-2D Boiler water test
  41. OICEW-5-3A Check boiler water level
  42. OICEW-5-3B Respond to boiler high water alarm
  43. OICEW-5-3C Respond to boiler low water alarm
  44. OICEW-6-1A Transfer fuel
  45. OICEW-6-1B Operate fire pump
  46. OICEW-6-2A Operate bilge system
  47. OICEW-7-1A Start emergency generator
  48. OICEW-7-1B Pre-start inspection of diesel generator
  49. OICEW-7-1C Pre-start inspection of steam turbo-generator
  50. OICEW-7-1D Connect ship service diesel generator to main switchboard
  51. OICEW-7-1E Parallel generators
  52. OICEW-8-1A Lathe project
  53. OICEW-8-2A Centrifugal pump maintenance
  54. OICEW-8-2B Reciprocating pump maintenance
  55. OICEW-8-2C Gear pump maintenance
  56. OICEW-8-2D Inspect valve manifold
  57. OICEW-8-2E Overhaul valve
  58. OICEW-8-2F Overhaul heat exchanger
  59. OICEW-8-2G Routine Maintenance feed pump lube oil system
  60. OICEW-8-2H Routine maintenance compressed air system
  61. OICEW-9-1A Monitor sanitary flushing water system
  62. OICEW-9-1B Monitor sewage waste treatment plant
  63. OICEW-9-1C Monitor oily water separator system
  64. RFPEW-5-2E Change Burner

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