Marine Engineering Curriculum

Semester 1
HU-1111 English Composition
SM-1111 Algebra & Trigonometry
SM-1131 Chemistry I
EN-1112 Engineering Systems & Safety
MT-1111 STCW Vessel Fam and BST
PE-0031 First Aid / CPR
FF-0102 4/C Firefighting Practicum
Semester 2
HU-1222 Analysis of Literature
SM-1212 Calculus I
SM-1232 Chemistry II
SS-1211 Western Civilization
EN-1211 Auxiliary Machinery I
Semester 3
SM-2113 Calculus II
SM-2123 Engineering Physics I
EN-2111 Auxiliary Machinery II
EN-2112 Machine Tool Technology
SS-2121 American Government
EN-1212 Computer-Aided Design
FF-0104 3/C Firefighting Practicum
Semester 4
SM-2214 Differential Equations
SM-2224 Engineering Physics II
GESS-3 Social Science Group I
EN-2211 Mechanics
EN-2232 Internal Combustion Engines I
LB-0201 STCW Lifeboat Qualifications
Semester 5
SM-3125 Engineering Physics III
EN-3111 Electrical Machines
EN-3111L Electrical Machines Lab
EN-3112 Strength of Materials
EN-3112L Strength of Materials Lab
EN-3131 Steam Generators
Semester 6
GEHU-3 Humanities Group I
EN-3211 Thermodynamics
EN-3212 Electronics
EN-3212L Electronics Lab
EN-3233 Steam/Gas Turbines
EN-3216 Operational Controls
FF-0106 2/C Firefighting Practicum
Semester 7
SS-4123Int. Law & Legislative Compliance
EN-4111Fluid Mechanics
EN-4112Thermo / Fluids Lab
EN-4131Internal Combustion Engines II
FL-0001Free Elective
FF-01081/C Firefighting Practicum
Semester 8
GEHU-4 Humanities Group I or II
GESS-5 Social Science Group III
EN-4151 Applied Naval Arch for M.E.
EN-4232 License Seminar
EN-4234 Engineroom Resource Mgmt
PE-0032 STCW Medical Care Provider
FL-0002 Free Elective
Sea Terms
ST-0999 Sea Term I
EN-2231 Sea Term II - Engine
EN-3231 Sea Term III - Engine or
EN-3232 Commercial Sea Term - Engine
EN-4231 Sea Term IV - Engine
PS-0301 4/c STCW Personal Survival
LB-0202 STCW Lifeboatman Exam
CC-LEAD Regimental Leadership Program
SR-0401 4/C STCW Personal Safety/Social Responsibility
CC-MANT Shipboard Maintenance