Deck Assessments

  1. OICNW-1-1A Adjust a sextant
  2. OICNW-1-1B Measure the altitude of the sun
  3. OICNW-1-1C Measure the altitude of at least 3 stars
  4. OICNW-1-1D Measure the altitude of the sun at meridian passage (local apparent noon)
  5. OICNW-1-1E Celestial running fix
  6. OICNW-1-1F Star Fix
  7. OICNW-1-1G Measure the altitude of at least 3 stars
  8. OICNW-1-2A Fix by two bearings
  9. OICNW-1-2B Fix by two ranges
  10. OICNW-1-2C Fix by tangent bearings of two identified objects
  11. OICNW-1-2D Plot the ship’s DR position
  12. OICNW-1-2E Determine course to steer
  13. OICNW-1-3A Correction of charts and publications
  14. OICNW-1-3B Chart selection
  15. OICNW-1-3C Route planning
  16. OICNW-1-4A Position fix by GPS
  17. OICNW-1-4B Use of GPS position save function
  18. OICNW-1-4D Use of echo sounder
  19. OICNW-1-5A Determine gyro compass error by bearing of range
  20. OICNW-1-5B Determine magnetic compass error
  21. OICNW-1-5C Determine magnetic compass deviation
  22. OICNW-1-5D Determine course to steer by magnetic compass
  23. OICNW-1-5E Position fix by magnetic compass bearings
  24. OICNW-1-5F(A) Azimuth of the sun
  25. OICNW-1-5F Azimuth of the sun
  26. OICNW-1-5G(A) Azimuth of any body at night
  27. OICNW-1-5G Azimuth of any body at night
  28. OICNW-1-6A Steering gear test
  29. OICNW-1-6B Set weather controls
  30. OICNW-1-7A Read barometric pressure
  31. OICNW-1-7B Determine true wind speed and direction
  32. OICNW-1-7C Determine expected weather conditions
  33. OICNW-2-1A Identify light configurations
  34. OICNW-2-1B Identify day shapes
  35. OICNW-2-1C Identify sound signals
  36. OICNW-2-1D Determine risk of collision
  37. OICNW-2-1E Maneuver to avoid risk of collision -- meeting
  38. OICNW-2-1F Maneuver to avoid risk of collision -- overtaking
  39. OICNW-2-2A Watch relief
  40. OICNW-2-2B Keep a safe navigation watch
  41. OICNW-2-2C Notify Master when appropriate
  42. OICNW-2-2D Keep a safe anchor watch
  43. OICNW-2-2E Navigate in restricted visibility
  44. OICNW-2-2F Turn over a watch
  45. OICNW-2-3A Voyage planning
  46. OICNW-2-3B Execute a voyage plan
  47. OICNW-2-3C Watch augmentation
  48. OICNW-2-3D BRM Condition III – collision avoidance.
  49. OICNW-2-3E BRM Condition III – navigation
  50. OICNW-2-3F BRM Condition II or III – error trapping
  51. OICNW-2-3G BRM Condition II or III – navigation and collision avoidance
  52. OICNW-2-3H BRM Condition III – establish a bridge team
  53. OICNW-3-1A Set up and maintain radar display
  54. OICNW-3-1B Switch display modes
  55. OICNW-3-1C Identify false echoes, sea return, racons and SARTs
  56. OICNW-3-1D Determine range and bearing
  57. OICNW-3-1E Determine risk of collision
  58. OICNW-3-1F Determine DRM, SRM, CPA, and TCPA
  59. OICNW-3-1G Detect speed and course changes of other ships
  60. OICNW-3-1H Change course to control target DRM
  61. OICNW-3-1I Change speed to control target DRM
  62. OICNW-3-1J Determine true course and speed of target vessels
  63. OICNW-3-1K Parallel indexing
  64. OICNW-3-2A Set up and maintain an ARPA display
  65. OICNW-3-2B Manual target acquisition
  66. OICNW-3-2C Establish an exclusion area
  67. OICNW-3-2D Set vector characteristics
  68. OICNW-3-2E Designate targets
  69. OICNW-3-2F Cancel targets
  70. OICNW-3-2G Target history
  71. OICNW-3-2H Establish CPA and TCPA
  72. OICNW-3-2I Establish alarm area
  73. OICNW-3-2J Trial Maneuver
  74. OICNW-3-2K Switch stabilization modes
  75. OICNW-3-2L Navigation lines
  76. OICNW-3-2M Determine set and drift
  77. OICNW-3-3A Operational Settings - Safety Depth
  78. OICNW-3-3B Operational Settings - Display/Change Safety contour
  79. OICNW-3-3C Operational Settings - Display/change CPA/TCPA limits
  80. OICNW-3-3D Operational Settings - Display/Change spot sounding limits
  81. OICNW-3-3E Operational Settings - Resume of Navigation Mode
  82. OICNW-3-3F Monitoring Sea Area - Chart Scaling
  83. OICNW-3-3G Monitoring Sea Area - Chart selection
  84. OICNW-3-3H Monitoring Sea Area - Gain information
  85. OICNW-3-3I Monitoring Sea Area - ERBL
  86. OICNW-3-3J Display User Charts
  87. OICNW-3-3K Merge User Charts
  88. OICNW-3-3L Display Route Plans
  89. OICNW-3-3M Modify Waypoints
  90. OICNW-3-3N Check revised route for safety
  91. OICNW-3-3O Convert Route Plan to Passage Plan
  92. OICNW-3-3P Convert Route Plan to a Route
  93. OICNW-3-3Q Environmental Data - Identify tidal data
  94. OICNW-3-3R Environmental Data - Display tide bars and current vectors
  95. OICNW-4-1A Flashing Light
  96. OICNW-5-1A Maneuver for man overboard
  97. OICNW-5-1B Course change of more than 450°
  98. OICNW-5-1C Emergency stop

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