Common Assessments

  1. ABDE-3-1A Demonstrate crane and hoist signals
  2. ABE-1-6A Assist with fuel oil transfer
  3. AFA-1 Checking an unconscious victim
  4. AFA-2 Rescue Breathing
  5. AFA-3 Control External Bleeding
  6. FF-1 Use various types of portable fire extinguishers to extinguish smaller fires.
  7. FF-2 Use self-contained breathing apparatus
  8. FF-3 Extinguish extensive fires with water, using jet and spray nozzles
  9. FF-4 Extinguish fires with foam, powder or any other suitable chemical agent
  10. FF-5 Extinguish fire with water fog
  11. FF-6 Extinguish oil fire
  12. FF-7 Effect a rescue
  13. MFA-1 Checking an unconscious victim
  14. MFA-2 Rescue Breathing
  15. MFA-3 Control External Bleeding
  16. PS-1 Don a lifejacket
  17. PS-2 Don and use an immersion suit
  18. PS-3 Jump from a height into the water
  19. PS-4 Right an inverted liferaft
  20. PS-5 Swim while wearing a lifejacket
  21. PS-6 Keep afloat without a lifejacket
  22. PS-7 Board a survival craft while wearing a lifejacket
  23. PS-8 Use of lifeboat equipment
  24. RFPEW-5-2E Change Burner
  25. SCRB-1 Right an inverted lifefraft
  26. SCRB-2 Launch, board and recover survival craft.
  27. SCRB-3 Start and operate survival craft engine
  28. SCRB-4 Row and steer survival craft

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