NVIC 17-14 – officers in charge of an engineering watch

No. NVIC Task Description Location
1. 1.1.A Pre watch inspection OICEW-4-1A in EN‑4231
2. 1.1.B Keep watch (Motor) OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
3. 1.1.C Keep watch (Steam) OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
4. 1.1.D Keep watch (Gas Turbine) OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
5. 1.1.E Maintain log book OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
6. 1.1.F Hand over the watch OICEW-4-1B in EN‑4231
7. 1.2.A Change-over to local control systems OICEW-1E2A in EN‑3233
8. 1.3.A Observe safety precautions during watch OICEW-4-2A in EN‑4231
9. 1.3.B Take immediate action (fire) MT‑1111
10. 1.3.C Take immediate action (accident) MT‑1111
11. 1.3.D Take immediate action (oil system fire or accident) MT‑1111
12. 1.4 ERM EN‑4234
13. 2.1 English ST‑0999
14. 3.1.A Test internal communications OICEW-5-1A in EN‑4231
15. 4.1.A Understand equipment operating principles EN‑2111
16. 4.1.B Light off boiler OICEW-5-2A in EN‑3131
17. 4.1.C Secure boiler OICEW-5-2B in EN‑3131
18. 4.2.A Understand safety and emergency procedures for propulsion machinery EN‑4131
19. 4.2.B Respond to propulsion boiler carry-over EN‑3131
20. 4.2.C Prepare propulsion diesel engine for operation OICEW-5-1J in EN‑4231
21. 4.3.A Prepare steam turbine for operation OICEW-5-1L in EN‑3233
22. 4.3.B Prepare gas turbine for operation OICEW-4-3B in EN‑3233
23. 4.3.C Monitor diesel engine operation OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
24. 4.3.D Monitor steam turbine operation OICEW-5-1M in EN‑3233
25. 4.3.E Monitor gas turbine operation OICEW-4-3E in EN‑3233
26. 4.3.F Secure propulsion diesel OICEW-5-1K in EN‑4231
27. 4.3.G Secure steam turbine operation OICEW-5-1N in EN‑3233
28. 4.3.H Secure gas turbine operation OICEW-4-3H in EN‑3233
29. 4.3.I Monitor auxiliary boiler OICEW-4E3I in EN‑3131
30. 4.3.J Test boiler water OICEW-5-2D in EN‑3131
31. 4.3.K Treat boiler water OICEW-5-2D in EN‑3131
32. 4.3.L Bottom blow boiler OICEW-5-2C in EN‑3131
33. 4.3.M Change over low pressure air compressor OICEW-5-1D in EN‑2111
34. 4.3.N Start fresh water generator OICEW-5-1F in EN‑4231
35. 4.3.O Shut down fresh water generator OICEW-5-1G in EN‑4231
36. 4.3.P Start fresh water distiller OICEW-5-1F in EN‑4231
37. 4.3.Q Shut down fresh water distiller OICEW-5-1G in EN‑4231
38. 4.3.R Start oil purifier OICEW-5-1H in EN‑3233
39. 4.3.S Shut down oil purifier OICEW-5-1I in EN‑3233
40. 4.3.T Start refrigeration system OICEW-5-1B in EN‑3213
41. 4.3.U Monitor refrigeration system OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
42. 4.3.V Secure refrigeration system OICEW-5-1C in EN‑3213
43. 4.3.W Start and secure a reverse osmosis plant OICEW-5-1F in EN‑4231
OICEW-5-1G in EN‑4231
44. 5.1.A Understand pumps, piping systems and controls EN‑1211
45. 5.2.A Transfer fuel OICEW-6-1A in EN‑3131
46. 5.2.B Ballast a tank OICEW-5E2B in EN‑3131
47. 5.2.C De-ballast a tank OICEW-5E2B in EN‑3131
48. 5.2.D Pump engine room bilges OICEW-6-2A in EN‑2231
49. 5.2.E Pump cargo-hold or shaft alley bilges OICEW-6-2A in EN‑2231
50. 5.3.A Monitor oily-water separator OICEW-9-1C in EN‑2231
OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
51. 6.1.A Understand electrical generation and distribution EN‑3111
52. 6.1.B Inspect and start a diesel generator OICEW-7-1A in EN‑4131
OICEW-7-1B in EN‑4131
OICEW-7-1D in EN‑3233
53. 6.1.C Inspect and start a steam turbo-generator OICEW-7-1C in EN‑3233
54. 6.1.D Change over generators OICEW-7-1D in EN‑3233
OICEW-7-1E in EN‑3111L
55. 6.1.E Understand motor controllers, sequential control, and high voltage EN‑3111
56. 6.2.A Understand basic electronics EN‑3212
57. 6.3.A Understand automation and control systems EN‑3216
58. 7.1.A Conduct insulation resistance test OICEW-3-1D in EN‑4231
OICEW-7E4A in EN‑4231
59. 7.2.A Troubleshoot motor controller OICEW-3-1B in EN‑3111L
60. 7.2.B Repair faulty motor controller OICEW-3-1B in EN‑3111L
61. 7.3.A Detect location of grounds OICEW-3-1C in EN‑4231
62. 7.4.A Disassemble and reassemble an electric motor OICEW-7E4A in EN‑4231
63. 7.5.A Respond to engine alarms OICEW-4-2A in EN‑4231
OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
64. 7.5.B Test steering gear OICEW-5-1A in EN‑4231
65. 7.5.C Test low lube oil shutdown device OICEW-7E5C in EN‑4131
66. 8.1.A Machine shop projects OICEW-1-1G in EN‑2112
OICEW-8-1A in EN‑2112
67. 8.1.B Welding projects OICEW-1-1B in EN‑2112
OICEW-1-1C in EN‑2112
OICEW-1-1F in EN‑2112
OICEW-1-1G in EN‑2112
68. 8.1.C Oxy-acetylene cutting project OICEW-1-1A in EN‑2112
69. 8.2.A Make emergency/temporary repairs OICEW-8E2A in EN‑1211
70. 8.2.B Replace a mechanical seal or repack a pump OICEW-8E2B in EN‑2111
71. 8.2.C Repack a valve OICEW-8-2E in EN‑1211
72. 8.2.D Replace a flange gasket OICEW-8E2D in EN‑2231
73. 8.3.A Clean an oil purifier OICEW-8E3A in EN‑4131
74. 9.1.A Overhaul a centrifugal pump OICEW-8-2A in EN‑2111
OICEW-8E2B in EN‑2111
75. 9.1.B Tighten pump packing OICEW-8-2A in EN‑2111
OICEW-8E2B in EN‑2111
76. 9.1.C Overhaul a reciprocating pump OICEW-8-2B in EN‑2111
77. 10.1.A Start and secure sewage treatment system OICEW-9-1B in EN‑2231
78. 10.1.B Start and secure oily-water separator OICEW-10E1B in EN‑3131
79. 11.1.A Determine stability data for vessel EN‑4151
80. 11.2.A Ensure watertight integrity of the ship EN‑4151
81. 11.3.A Respond to partial loss of intact buoyancy EN‑4151
82. 11.4.A Identify ship’s structural members EN‑4151
83. 12.1 Firefighting A-VI/1-2
84. 13.1 Lifesaving A-VI/2-1
85. 14.1 Medical Aid PE‑0032
86. 15.1.A Understand SOLAS, MARPOL and STCW Conventions. SS‑4123
87. 16.1.A Describe duties and responsibilities of vessel personnel MT‑1111
88. 16.2.A Describe maritime laws and conventions SS‑4123
89. 16.3.A Take on bunkers ABE-1-6A in EN‑1211
90. 16.4.A Supervise a fire or emergency team FF‑0108
91. 17.1 Personal Safety A-VI/1-1

NVIC 18-14 – able seafarer engine

No. NVIC Task Description Location
1. 1.1.A Understand orders A-III/4
2. 1.2.A Watch relief OICEW-4-1B in EN‑4231
3. 1.3.A Watchkeeping OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
4. 2.1.A Operation of main propulsion and auxiliary machinery EN‑1211
5. 2.2.A Main propulsion and auxiliary machinery control pressures, temperature and levels OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
6. 3.1.A Operation of fuel system and oil transfer operations OICEW-6-1A in EN‑3131
ABE-1-6A in EN‑1211
7. 4.1.A Operation of bilge and ballast system OICEW-6-2A in EN‑2231
OICEW-5E2B in EN‑3131
8. 5.1.A Trace out a piping system ABE-5G1A in EN‑2231
9. 5.1.B Operation of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps OICEW-8-2A in EN‑2111
OICEW-8-2B in EN‑2111
OICEW-8E2B in EN‑2111
10. 5.1.C Operation and repair of valves OICEW-8-2E in EN‑1211
11. 5.2.A Operation and repair of heavy equipment ABDE-DE-1 in ST‑0999D
12. 6.1.A Assist with electrical repairs EN‑3111L
13. 6.2.A Electrical safety EN‑3111L
14. 6.3.A Electrical shock hazards EN‑1112
15. 7.1.A Surface preparation and coating CC‑MANT
16. 7.2.A Safety guidelines and shipboard instructions MT‑1111
17. 7.3.A Surface preparation techniques CC‑MANT
18. 7.4.A Waste disposal CC‑MANT
19. 7.5.A Tool selection OICEW-2-1A in ST‑0999E
OICEW-2-1B in ST‑0999E
OICEW-2-1C in ST‑0999E
20. 7.6.A Maintenance and use of hand and power tools EN‑2112
21. 8.1.A Stowage and securing of stores and equipment CC‑MANT
22. 8.1.B Stores handling gear, cranes, derricks, and winches ABDE-DE-1 in ST‑0999D
23. 9.1.A Sources of operational pollution ST‑0999D
24. 9.1.B Precautions to prevent pollution of the marine environment ST‑0999D
25. 9.2.A Use of anti-pollution equipment ST‑0999D
26. 9.3.A Waste generation and disposal CC‑MANT
27. 10.1.A Electrical safety procedures EN‑1112
28. 10.2.A Lockout/tagout procedures EN‑1112
29. 10.3.A Mechanical safety EN‑1112
30. 10.4.A Safe working practices and personal shipboard safety EN‑1112
31. 10.5.A Safety when working aloft EN‑1112
32. 10.6.A Characteristics of enclosed spaces EN‑1112
33. 10.6.B Dangers of enclosed space entry EN‑1112
34. 10.6.C Safe working practice for enclosed space entry EN‑1112
35. 10.7.A Back injury prevention EN‑1112
36. 10.8.A Response to a chemical or biohazard spill EN‑1112
37. 10.8.B Procedures for exposure to a chemical or biohazard spill EN‑1112
38. 10.9.A Use of personal safety equipment EN‑1112

NVIC 07-14 – ratings forming part of an engineering watch

No. NVIC Task Description Location
1. 1.1.A Engine room round OICEW-4-1A in EN‑4231
2. 1.1.B(S) Monitor electricity generating plant (Steam) OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
3. 1.1.B(M) Monitor electricity generating plant (Motor) OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
4. 1.1.B(G) Monitor electricity generating plant (Gas Turbine) OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
5. 1.1.C Monitor LO/FO purification systems OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
6. 1.1.D Monitor compressed air plant OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
7. 1.1.E Monitor refrigeration and air-conditioning plants OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
8. 1.1.F Determine tank and pressure-vessel levels OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
9. 1.1.G Charge a potable water pressure tank with compressed air OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
10. 1.1.H(S) Monitor steam distilling plant OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
11. 1.1.H(M) Monitor jacket water evaporator OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
12. 1.1.H(M/G) Monitor reverse osmosis plant OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
13. 1.1.I(S) Monitor main steam turbine propulsion unit OICEW-5-1M in EN‑3233
OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
14. 1.1.I(M) Monitor main diesel engine propulsion unit OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
15. 1.1.I(G) Monitor main gas turbine propulsion unit OICEW-4-3E in EN‑3233
16. 1.1.J Monitor propulsion shafting and bearings OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
17. 1.1.K Monitor steering gear OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
18. 1.2.A Add clean oil to engine and deck machinery OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
19. 1.2.B Lubricate a grease-lubricated bearing OICEW-8-2A in EN‑2111
20. 1.2.C Shift and clean a basket-type duplex strainer RFPEW-1H2C in EN‑1211
21. 1.2.D Clean LO/FO purifier OICEW-8E3A in EN‑4131
22. 1.2.E Take up on a gate/globe valve stuffing-box gland OICEW-8-2E in EN‑1211
23. 1.2.F Take on fresh water ABE-1-6A in EN‑1211
24. 1.3.A Pump out bilges OICEW-6-2A in EN‑2231
25. 1.3.B Monitor oily-water separator OICEW-9-1C in EN‑2231
OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
26. 1.3.C Monitor sewage treatment plants OICEW-9-1B in EN‑2231
OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
27. 2.1.A Relieve the watch OICEW-4-1B in EN‑4231
OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
28. 2.1.B Hand over the watch OICEW-4-1B in EN‑4231
OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
29. 2.1.C Pre-start check of a diesel engine OICEW-7-1B in EN‑4131
30. 2.2.A Operate internal communications systems OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
31. 2.2.B Log engine-order telegraph signals OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
32. 2.3.A Respond appropriately to alarms OICEW-4-2A in EN‑4231
OICEW-4-1C in EN‑4231
33. 3.1.A Maintain main boiler water level and steam pressures OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
34. 3.1.B Maintain auxiliary boiler water level and steam pressures OICEW-4E3I in EN‑3131
35. 3.1.C Monitor main propulsion boiler OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
36. 3.1.D(M/G) Monitor auxiliary boiler OICEW-4E3I in EN‑3131
37. 3.1.D(S) Change out burners for a main-propulsion boiler RFPEW-5-2E in EN‑3131
38. 3.1.E Clean a burner atomizer assembly RFPEW-5-2E in EN‑3131
39. 3.1.F Assist preparing a main-propulsion boiler for light-off OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
40. 3.1.G Assist in manual light-off, raising steam and cutting-in a boiler OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
41. 3.1.H Assist in maintaining the fires on a main-propulsion boiler during maneuvering OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
42. 3.1.I Assist in the operation of the soot blower OICEW-4-1D in EN‑2231
43. 4.1.A Locate all engine-room escape routes EN‑1112
44. 4.2.A Locate firefighting and emergency equipment EN‑1112
45. 4.2.B Put a main or emergency fire-pump in service OICEW-6-1B in EN‑2231