Using an approved simulator or aboard ship, given proper fuel oil transfer procedures and equipment.

Performance requirement

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Plan a fuel transfer operation

Identify source and destination tanks

Estimate the:

  • amount of oil to be transferred
  • length of time to complete transfer

Line up fuel transfer system between source and destination

Correctly line up system between selected locations

Line up and Start the fuel oil transfer pump

Comply with all applicable regulations

Operate the transfer pump until the operational requirements have been met


  • suction and discharge pressures
  • level in receiving tank

Secure the fuel oil transfer pump

Stop pump

Secure all valves


Assessed in EN‑3131 Steam Generators.


  1. Table A-III/1 OICEW-A5.2
  2. NVIC 17-14 Task 5.2.A

See the Assessment Guidelines for additional specifications of behavior and standards.