Course Description

Covers the construction, running gear functions, and operating principles of the diesel engine, as applied to marine installations. The lab sessions will involve the student in diesel engine operation and maintenance both in the shop and aboard the various Academy vessels. [Lab time required]

This course consists of three 1-hour classes a week for a semester, six 4-hour labs with practical assessments, and a comprehensive final exam.

Entrance requirements

  • No specific requirements

STCW Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following STCW elements:

  • OICEW-A4.1 Basic construction and operation principles of marine diesel engines
  • OICEW-A4.2 Safety and emergency procedures for operation of propulsion plant machinery
  • ABE-A5.1 Basic knowledge of the function of main propulsion machinery
  • ABE-A5.1 Basic knowledge of the operation of main propulsion machinery


  1. Introduction to the diesel engine
  2. 2- and 4- stroke operating principles
  3. Efficiencies and losses
  4. Diesel power plants
  5. Engine construction and terminology
  6. Bedplates
  7. Combustion and emissions
  8. Maintenance and repair
  9. Air supply
  10. Fuels and fuel injection systems

Other objectives

  • Correctly start and operate a diesel engine
  • Correctly maintain and repair diesel engines.
  • Troubleshoot operational problems
  • Calculate the indicated horse power
  • Identify the engine components and use the correct terminology

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