NVIC 08-14 – fire prevention and fire fighting

No. NVIC Task Description Location
1. 2.1.A List positions and duties of the ship fire fighting organization MT‑1111
2. 2.2.A Identify locations of fire fighting appliances and escape routes from spaces MT‑1111
3. 2.3.A Discuss the fire tetrahedron and the fire triangle FF‑0102
4. 2.4.A List sources of ignition aboard ship, and describe precautions to take for each FF‑0102
5. 2.5.A List examples of flammable materials for each of the three physical states FF‑0102
6. 2.5.B List examples of common fire hazards, and describe precautions to take for each FF‑0102
7. 2.5.C List and describe the methods of fire spread FF‑0102
8. 2.6.A State why constant vigilance is needed FF‑0102
9. 2.7.A State actions to take upon discovery of fire on board ship MT‑1111
10. 2.8.A Describe response when a smoke, heat or flame detector has been activated ST‑0999D
11. 2.8.B Locate the space in which an automatic sprinkler has been activated ST‑0999D
12. 2.8.C Describe the signal and list actions to take when the CO2 alarm sounds FF‑0102
13. 2.9.A List and define the classes of fire FF‑0102
14. 2.9.B List extinguishing agents and name the classes of fire for which they are effective FF‑0102
15. 3.1.A List the safety procedures used when a fixed fire fighting system is to be employed ST‑0999D
16. 3.2.A Demonstrate the proper donning procedure for the fire fighter’s outfit FF‑0102
17. 3.2.B List the dangers and limitations of a fire fighter’s outfit FF‑0102
18. 3.3.A List personal equipment carried during fire fighting operations FF‑0102
19. 3.4.A List and describe use of equipment used during fire fighting operations ST‑0999D
20. 3.4.B List and state the purpose of commonly used fire fighting appliances ST‑0999D
21. 3.5.A Describe the objectives of the two strategies of fire fighting ST‑0999D
22. 3.6.A List the various fire fighting agents and state how they extinguish fire FF‑0102
23. 3.7.A Utilize the appropriate extinguisher and demonstrate correct firefighting procedures FF-2PFE in FF‑0102
24. 3.8.A Demonstrate the donning methods for self-contained breathing apparatus FF-2SBA in FF‑0102
25. 3.8.B Demonstrate breathing apparatus use FF-2SBA in FF‑0102
26. 3.8.C Demonstrate the proper hose team leader procedures FF-4SF in FF‑0104
FF-6SRF in FF‑0106
27. 3.8.D Demonstrate the proper procedures for effecting a rescue FF-8SAR in FF‑0108