Course Description

Final component of training for Basic and Advanced Marine Firefighting certification (Table A-VI-3). Instruction in shipboard firefighting tactical hazards, fire party drills and organization and hazardous materials. Advanced practical training in the shipboard fire simulator at the Barnstable training site.

This course consists of two hour lecture, and 8-hour practical.

STCW Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following STCW elements:

  • OICNW-C3.1 Ability to organize fire drills
  • OICNW-C3.2 Knowledge of classes and chemistry of fire
  • OICNW-C3.3 Knowledge of fire-fighting systems
  • OICNW-C3.4 Knowledge of action to be taken in the event of fire, including fires involving oil systems
  • OICNW-C8.2 Knowledge of fire prevention and ability to fight and extinguish fires
  • OICEW-D3.1 Ability to organize fire drills
  • OICEW-D3.2 Knowledge of classes and chemistry of fire
  • OICEW-D3.3 Knowledge of fire-fighting systems
  • OICEW-D3.4 Action to be taken in the event of fire, including fires involving oil systems
  • OICEW-D8.2 Knowledge of fire prevention and ability to fight and extinguish fires
  • TOPS-X4.1 Tanker fire response organization and action to be taken
  • TOPS-X4.2 Fire hazards associated with cargo handling and transportation of hazardous and noxious liquids in bulk
  • TOPS-X4.3 Fire-fighting agents used to extinguish oil and chemical fires
  • TOPS-X4.4 Fixed fire-fighting foam system operations
  • TOPS-X4.5 Portable fire-fighting foam operations
  • TOPS-X4.6 Fixed dry chemical system operations
  • TOPS-X4.7 Spill containment in relation to fire-fighting operations
  • AFF-X1.01 Fire-fighting procedures at sea and in port, with particular emphasis on organization, tactics and command
  • AFF-X1.02 Use of water for fire-extinguishing, the effect on ship stability, precautions and corrective procedures
  • AFF-X1.03 Communication and coordination during fire-fighting operations
  • AFF-X1.04 Ventilation control, including smoke extraction
  • AFF-X1.05 Control of fuel and electrical systems
  • AFF-X1.09 Management and control of injured persons
  • AFF-X3.2 Requirements for statutory and classification surveys
  • AFF-X4.1 Assessment of cause of incidents involving fire

Demonstrate proficiency in the following skills:


  1. Shipboard firefighting and tactical hazards
  2. Fire party organization and drills
  3. Fighting fires involving hazardous materials.
  4. Fire investigation
  5. Testing and servicing shipboard fire and alarm systems.

Other objectives

1* Gains an advanced knowledge of tactical hazards and techniques.

  • Understands the basics of hazardous materials aboard ship.
  • Understands the importance of drills, training and pre-planning of fire attacks.
  • Understands the basics of shipboard fire investigation and reporting.
  • Demonstrates the ability to use advanced planning, communication, and tactical techniques to extinguish a fire in the engine room.
  • Demonstrates the ability to conduct search and rescue in an enclosed space.
  • Demonstrates the ability to work in a confined space, in black-out, while wearing an SCBA.

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