Using an approved simulator, in the laboratory, or aboard ship, given access to a fuel oil or lube oil purifier.

Performance requirement

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Identify the valves and equipment associated with the purifier unit


  • suction and discharge piping
  • inlet and outlet valves
  • pumps
  • clean and dirty oil tanks

Line-up purifier unit

Line up correct valves from suction to discharge

Start the purifier

Start prime mover and bring up to speed

Secure if excessive vibration is noted

Prime purifier


  • 10 to 15 psi discharge pressure
  • 120° F inlet temperature
  • oil level remains visible

Monitor the purifier until conditions stabilize


  • oil temperature
  • discharge pressure
  • water seal


Assessed in EN‑3233 Steam and Gas Turbines.


  1. Table A-III/1 OICEW-A4.1
  2. NVIC 17-14 Task 4.1.A

See the Assessment Guidelines for additional specifications of behavior and standards.