NVIC 05-04 – medical first aid

No. NVIC Task Description Location
1. 1.1.A Assess and treat life-threatening conditions MFA-1M1A in PE‑0032
2. 1.1.B Perform a detailed physical assessment MFA-1M1B in PE‑0032
3. 1.2.A Immobilize a victim with a spinal injury MFA-1M2A in PE‑0032
4. 1.3.A Immobilize and apply traction a victim with a broken femur MFA-1M3A in PE‑0032
5. 1.3.B Immobilize a long bone fracture MFA-1M3B in PE‑0032
6. 1.4.A Perform CPR MFA-1M4A in PE‑0032
7. 1.4.B Use a AED MFA-1M4B in PE‑0032
8. 1.4.C Manage obstructed airway in a conscious victim MFA-1M4C in PE‑0032
9. 1.4.D Manage obstructed airway in an unconscious victim MFA-1M4D in PE‑0032