Aboard ship, in the laboratory, or in an approved simulator given access to proper equipment and manufacturer’s technical manual.

Performance requirement

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Change over a basket-type strainer to a clean basket

  • ensure that a clean strainer is available
  • ensure that the clean strainer is filled
  • loosen the locking handle
  • move the changeover handle to put the clean strainer in service
  • tighten the locking handle

Remove, inspect and clean the out-of-service basket

  • ensure that pressure is relieved on the out-of-service strainer
  • carefully remove the strainer cover
  • remove the basket
  • inspect the basket and clean if necessary

Reassemble the strainer basket and lid

  • replace basket and cover
  • tighten the cover bolts or hold-down dogs
  • fill and pressurize the idle strainer by briefly cracking the changeover handle
  • lock changeover handle
  • check the strainer housing for leaks


Assessed in EN‑1211 Auxiliary Machinery I.


  1. Table A-III/4 RFPEW-A1.3
  2. NVIC 07-14 Task 1.2.A

See the Assessment Guidelines for additional specifications of behavior and standards.