Aboard ship, in the laboratory, or in an approved simulator given access to proper equipment and manufacturer technical manual.

Performance requirement

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Start incoming generator and raise voltage

Start prime mover and bring up to operating speed

Place voltage regulator in manual

Excite field

Adjust frequency to 60 hz

Adjust voltage to system line voltage

Synchronize incoming generator with bus

Turn on synchroscope

Match voltage and frequency with bus

Close main breaker when generators are in phase

Turn off synchroscope

Adjust load on incoming generator

Transfer voltage regulator to automatic

Balance active (kw) load

Balance reactive (kvar) Load


Assessed in EN‑3111L Electrical Machines Lab.


  1. Table A-III/1 OICEW-B1.1
  2. NVIC 17-14 Task 6.1.A

See the Assessment Guidelines for additional specifications of behavior and standards.