NVIC Method

Show NVIC method.

STCW Competence Knowledge, Understanding, and Proficiency

Operate main and auxiliary machinery and associated control systems

OICEW-A4.3 Preparation, operation, fault detection and necessary measures to prevent damage for the following machinery items and control systems

Auxiliary prime movers and associated systems

Condition Behavior Standard

On a steam vessel of at least 1,000 HP, on a simulator, or in a laboratory,

the candidate plans for and shuts down the freshwater distiller, describing actions as they are being performed.

Note 2

A candidate who does not perform this task will receive an endorsement that is limited to motor and/or gas-turbine propelled vessels without distilling plants.

The candidate:

  1. Trips the three-way dump valve;

  2. Verifies the distillate distribution valves to the tanks have been closed;

  3. Records the water meter reading;

  4. Closes the steam root valve to the distiller unit steam air ejectors;

  5. Secures the L.P. bleed steam or live steam and desuperheater condensate flow to the saltwater feed water heater;

  6. Secures the saltwater feed heater L.P. drain to maintain main or auxiliary condenser vacuum;

  7. Stops the distillate pump when the static suction line gauge glass is empty;

  8. Monitors the unit for drop in temperature and decrease in vacuum;

  9. Secures the saltwater feed pump to the freshwater distilling unit as temperatures and vacuum have decreased and closes the saltwater feed pump suction and discharge valves;

  10. Stops the brine overboard pump and secures the overboard skin valve when the level in the flash chamber no longer visible; and

  11. Takes proper action to prevent safety and pollution violations.

MMA Method

In order to satisfy NVIC 17-14 Task 4.3.Q , MMA students must:

  • Successfully complete MMA Assessment OICEW-5-1G Shut down fresh water generator