NVIC Method

Show NVIC method.

STCW Competence Knowledge, Understanding, and Proficiency

Carry out a watch routine appropriate to the duties of a rating forming part of an engine-room watch.

RFPEW-A1.2 Engine-room watchkeeping procedures

Condition Behavior Standard

On a steam vessel, on a simulator, or in a laboratory,

the candidate monitors the electrical generating plant.

Note 1

Not performing this task will limit the candidate’s endorsement to motor and/or gas-turbine propelled vessels only.

This task is not required for steam propulsion and no limitation will be placed on the steam vessel endorsement if this task is not completed.

The candidate:

  1. Checks plant’s operational status;
  2. Checks turbo-generator rpm;
  3. Checks turbo-generator frequency;
  4. Checks turbo-generator output voltage;
  5. Checks turbo-generator output amperage;
  6. Checks turbo-generator kilowatt output;
  7. Checks turbo-generator kilovolt-amp reactive output, or power factor;
  8. Checks turbo-generator bearings’ temperature and oil flow;
  9. Checks turbo-generator/reduction gear lube-oil sump levels;
  10. Checks the physical condition of pipes, tubing, and hoses for wear or leaks;
  11. Observes steam turbine lube-oil and cooling-water temperatures and pressures;
  12. Observes auxiliary condenser vacuum and exhaust temperatures;
  13. Observes level of condensate in auxiliary condenser hot well;
  14. Checks for any unusual conditions or noises;
  15. Notifies the watch engineer of any unusual or unsafe conditions; and
  16. Takes proper action to prevent safety and pollution violations.

MMA Method

In order to satisfy NVIC 07-14 Task 1.1.B(S) , MMA students must:

  • Successfully complete MMA Assessment OICEW-4-1D Monitor engineering machinery