No. Assessment Description Location Status
1. ABDE‑DE‑1 Demonstrate crane and hoist signals ST‑0999D
2. EFA‑4B4B Demonstrate opening of the airway and checking for breathing PE‑0031
3. EFA‑4B4D Demonstrate action for an unresponsive person who is not breathing PE‑0031
4. EFA‑4B4E Demonstrate the procedure for determining if a patient has a pulse PE‑0031
5. EFA‑4B4F Demonstrate proper hand placements for chest compressions PE‑0031
6. EFA‑4B4G Demonstrate proper CPR compressions for two minutes PE‑0031
7. EFA‑4B4H Demonstrate actions for a conscious adult with airway blockage PE‑0031
8. EFA‑4B4I Demonstrate actions for an unconscious adult with airway blockage PE‑0031
9. EFA‑4B5A Demonstrate proper bleeding control techniques PE‑0031
10. EFA‑4B8C Demonstrate immobilizing a fracture using splints and ties PE‑0031
11. EFA‑4B8D Demonstrate preparing patient for spinal immobilization PE‑0031
12. EFA‑4B9A Demonstrate bandaging technique for wound treatment PE‑0031
13. FF‑2PFE Use various types of portable fire extinguishers to extinguish smaller fires. FF‑0102
14. FF‑2SBA Don and use a self-contained breathing apparatus FF‑0102
15. FF‑4FGF Extinguish a flammable gas fire FF‑0104
16. FF‑4PCF Extinguish a petrochemical fire FF‑0104
17. FF‑4SF Extinguish a smoldering fire FF‑0104
18. FF‑6PLF Extinguish a paint locker fire FF‑0106
19. FF‑6SRF Extinguish a stateroom fire FF‑0106
20. FF‑8ERF Extinguish an engine room fire FF‑0108
21. FF‑8FSR Firefighting self rescue FF‑0108
22. FF‑8SAR Search and Rescue FF‑0108
23. MFA‑1M1A Assess and treat life-threatening conditions PE‑0032
24. MFA‑1M1B Perform a detailed physical assessment PE‑0032
25. MFA‑1M2A Immobilize a victim with a spinal injury PE‑0032
26. MFA‑1M3A Immobilize and apply traction a victim with a broken femur PE‑0032
27. MFA‑1M3B Immobilize a long bone fracture PE‑0032
28. MFA‑1M4A Perform CPR PE‑0032
29. MFA‑1M4B Use a AED PE‑0032
30. MFA‑1M4C Manage obstructed airway in a conscious victim PE‑0032
31. MFA‑1M4D Manage obstructed airway in an unconscious victim PE‑0032
32. PS‑1 Don a lifejacket PS‑0301
33. PS‑2 Don and use an immersion suit LB‑0203
34. PS‑3 Jump from a height into the water PS‑0301
35. PS‑4 Right an inverted liferaft PS‑0301
36. PS‑5 Swim while wearing a lifejacket PS‑0301
37. PS‑6 Keep afloat without a lifejacket PS‑0301
38. PS‑7 Board a survival craft while wearing a lifejacket PS‑0301
39. PS‑8 Use of lifeboat equipment LB‑0201
40. SCRB‑1 Right an inverted lifefraft PS‑0301
41. SCRB‑2 Launch, board and recover survival craft. LB‑0201
42. SCRB‑3 Start and operate survival craft engine LB‑0201
43. SCRB‑4 Row and steer survival craft LB‑0201