No. Course Number Course Name Status
1. MT-4132 Advanced Seamanship
2. MT-3231 Applied Shiphandling
3. MT-3222 Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA) removed
4. MT-2231 Basic Seamanship
5. MT-4133 Bridge Resource Management changed
6. MT-2222 Celestial Navigation
7. MT-1221 Coastal Navigation
8. MT-3372 Commercial Sea Term - Deck
9. MT-3261 Containerization and Modern Cargo Stowage
10. MT-3151 Dangerous Liquid Cargo
11. MT-2121 Deep Sea Navigation
12. MT-3224 Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS)
13. MT-3221 Electronic Navigation
14. MT-4122 Global Maritime Distress and Safety System changed
15. MT-2225 Integrated Navigation new
16. MT-4252 License Seminar
17. MT-4251 Marine Safety
18. MT-3131 Meteorology
19. MT-3122 Radar Observer Certification removed
20. MT-2161 Rules of the Road
21. MT-2371 Sea Term II - Deck
22. MT-3371 Sea Term III - Deck
23. MT-4371 Sea Term IV: Marine Transportation changed
24. MT-2141 Ship Construction
25. MT-4241 Stability and Trim
26. MT-4253 Watchkeeping using Full-Mission Bridge Simulator removed