NVIC Method

Show NVIC method.

STCW Competence Knowledge, Understanding, and Proficiency

Safe use of electrical equipment

ABE-A9.2 Safe use and operation of electrical equipment, including:

Knowledge of the causes of electric shock and precautions to be observed to prevent shock

Condition Behavior Standard

On a vessel or in a laboratory or workshop, when making electrical repairs,

the candidate demonstrates awareness of the causes of electrical shock hazards and precautions to prevent shock.

The candidate describes:

  1. Causes of electrical shock, including:

    a. Handling live wiring

    b. Working near live wiring

    c. Equipment not appropriately insulated

    d. Not disconnecting or grounding electrical storage devices

    e. Activation of untagged equipment; and f. Equipment not appropriately grounded; and

  2. Precautions to be observed to prevent shock, including:

    a. Tag out, lock out procedures

    b. Following the warnings found in the equipment manuals for ship’s equipment

    c. Notifying affected personnel

    d. Cordoning off area affected

    e. Using properly insulated equipment; and

    f. Grounding equipment properly.

MMA Method

In order to satisfy NVIC 18-14 Task 6.3.A , MMA students must:

  • Pass MMA Course EN‑1112 Engineering Systems and Safety
  • Pass MMA Course EN‑4231 Sea Term IV: Marine Engineering