Semester 1  
HU-1111 English Composition
MT‑1111 Vessel Familiarization & BST
SM-1111 Precalculus w/ Trigonometry
SM-1131 Chemistry I
EN‑1112 Engineering Systems & Safety
Semester 2  
HU-1222 Writing About Literature
SM-1212 Calculus I
SM-1232 Chemistry II
SS-1211 Western Civilization
EN‑1211 Auxiliary Machinery I
ST‑0999 Sea Term I
Semester 3  
SM-2113 Calculus II
SM-2123 Engineering Physics I
SS-2121 American Government
EN-1212 Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
EN‑2111 Auxiliary Machinery II
EN‑2112 Machine Tool Technology
Semester 4  
GESS-3 Social Science Group I
SM-2214 Differential Equations
SM-2224 Engineering Physics II 3
EN-2211 Mechanics
EN‑2232 Internal Combustion Engines I
EN‑2231 Sea Term II: ME
Semester 5  
SM-3125 Engineering Physics III
EN-3112 Strength of Materials
EN‑3112L Strength of Materials Lab
EN‑3131 Steam Generators
EN‑3111 Electrical Machines
EN‑3111L Electrical Machines Lab
Semester 6  
GEHU-3 Humanities Group I
EN‑3212 Electronics
EN‑3212L Electronics Lab
EN-3211 Thermodynamics
EN‑3233 Steam & Gas Turbines
EN‑3216 Operational Controls
EN‑3216L Operational Controls Lab
EN‑3231 Sea Term III: ME or
EN‑3232 Commercial Sea Term: ME
Semester 7  
SS‑4123 International Law & Legislative Compliance
EN‑3213 Refrigeration
EN‑4111 Fluid Mechanics
EN‑4131 Internal Combustion Engines II
  Free Elective I
Semester 8  
GEHU-4 Humanities Group I or II
GESS-5 Social Science Group III
EN‑4151 Applied Naval Architecture for ME
EN-4232 License Seminar: Engineering
  Free Elective II
EN‑4231 Sea Term IV: ME

Standalone STCW Requirements

FF‑0102 FR Firefighting Practicum (Sem 1)
FF‑0104 SO Firefighting Practicum (Sem 3)
FF‑0106 JR Firefighting Practicum (Sem 6)
FF‑0108 SR Firefighting Practicum (Sem 7)
LB‑0201 Lifeboatman Qualifications (Sem 3 or 4)
LB‑0202 STCW Lifeboatman Exam (Sem 4)
LB‑0203 FR STCW Immersion Suit Practicum (Sem 1)
PE‑0031 Basic Safety CPR (Sem 1)
PE‑0032 STCW Medical Care Provider (Sem 8)
PS‑0301 FR STCW Personal Survival (Sem 1)
SR‑0401 FR Personal Safety/Social Responsibility (Sem 1)
VPDSD Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (Sem 3)
EN‑4234 Engineroom Resource Management (Sem 8)