Assessment OICNW-1-4D

Use of echo sounder

Assessed in MT-4371 Sea Term IV: Marine Transportation

or MT-3372. Shall be completed by the end of MT-4371.


On a ship underway using an echo sounder that meets IMO performance standards or a part task trainer that realistically simulates all the functions and controls of an echo sounder that meets IMO performance standards.

Performance Requirements

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Turn on, test, and operate the echo sounder.

  1. The system was turned on.
  2. The echo sounder was tested in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
  3. The correct GMT is noted on the echo sounder paper (if fitted).
  4. The scale selected was the lowest appropriate for the vessel’s draft and the depth of water of the area of transit.
  5. The sensitivity was adjusted to obtain proper depth reading on the display and correct trace on the paper (if fitted).

Supports Table A-II/1 officer in charge of a navigation watch

Competence Knowledge, Understanding & Proficiency Task

Plan and conduct a passage and determine position

A1.05 Echo Sounders

Ability to operate the equipment and apply the information correctly

Use of echo sounder

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