Assessment OICNW-2-2D

Keep a safe anchor watch

Assessed in MT-4253 Watchkeeping using Full-Mission Bridge Simulator


On a ship at anchor or a full mission ship simulator during an exercise at anchor.

Performance Requirements

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Properly keep a safe anchor watch in accordance with STCW Code Section A-VIII/2, Part 3-1, Paragraph 51.

  1. Determined and plotted the ship’s position;
  2. Frequently checked the ship’s position by visual and radar bearings and radar ranges from the same charted objects.
  3. Established the GPS anchor alarm.
  4. Maintained a proper lookout.
  5. Ensured periodic inspections were made.
  6. Posted a rating at the anchor to carry out orders with respect to the anchor.
  7. Monitored weather, tides and sea state.
  8. Notified the master immediately when the weather changed, visibility became restricted, or the anchor started to drag.
  9. Placed engines on standby and ready for immediate use where appropriate.
  10. Properly displayed all required lights and shapes and sounded proper sound signals.

Supports Table A-II/1 officer in charge of a navigation watch

Competence Knowledge, Understanding & Proficiency Task

Maintain a safe navigational watch

A2.2 Thorough knowledge of the Principles to be observed in keeping a navigational watch

Keep a safe anchor watch

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