Sea Term IV: Marine Engineering

Course Description

Provides an opportunity for cadets to obtain sea service and engineering watchstanding experience in a structured shipboard training program which is compliant with Chapter III of STCW and the requirements of 46 CFR. The training uses a building-block approach bringing the cadet up to an acceptable level of proficiency in each area of required competence. Shipboard training is closely integrated with the shore-based academic curriculum at the Academy which includes a range of simulation and practical lab experiences. All phases of training are conducted by STCW Qualified Instructors and Designated Examiners.

Entrance Requirements

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following STCW elements:

Demonstrate proficiency in the following skills:

Other Objectives


  1. Watch
  2. Maintenance
    1. Electrical Safety
    2. Single Phase Motor Control
    3. Variable Frequency Drives
    4. Insulation Resistance & Meggers
    5. Phase Rotation Testing
  3. Utility
  4. Training
    1. Steering Gear
    2. Main Console
    3. Engine Math
    4. Combustion Control
    5. Main Plant Startup
    6. Watchstanding
    7. Wartsilia Diesel
    8. Casualty Control
    9. Turbogenerator Operations
    10. Electrical Distribution
    11. Control Theory
    12. Hazardous Materials

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