Auxiliary Machinery I

Course Description

Lays the foundation for future marine engineering courses. It covers the construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of piping systems, fittings, joints, packing, and valves including basic control valves. Basic pressure, temperature, and level measurements and instruments are also discussed. [Lab time required]

Entrance Requirements

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following STCW elements:

Demonstrate proficiency in the following skills:

Other Objectives


  1. Steam Cycle Review
  2. Fasteners and Hardware
  3. Piping Identification
  4. Pipe Connection Methods
  5. Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  6. Valve Functions and Basic Parts
  7. Safety Valves and Relief Valves
  8. Pneumatically Operated Valves
  9. Steam Traps
  10. Filters and Strainers
  11. Temperature Measurements
  12. Pressure Measurements
  13. Level Measurements
  14. Heat Exchangers
  15. Non Positive Displacement Pump Overview
  16. Positive Displacement Pump Overview
  17. Process Control

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