2/C Firefighting Practicum

Course Description

Third component of training for Basic and Advanced Firefighting certification (Table A-VI-3). Instruction in fire protection systems, fire detection, main engine room fires and flammable liquids and gases. Practical training on site at the Barnstable training site. Prerequisite for Commercial Shipping.

Learning Objectives

Other Objectives

  1. Gains an advanced knowledge of fire behavior.
  2. Learns about the components, proper use, and hazards associated with fixed fire fighting systems aboard vessels.
  3. Understands purpose and principles of ventilation.
  4. Learns the principles in attacking fires in the engine spaces.
  5. Demonstrates the proper donning of SCBA, including changing bottles.
  6. Demonstrates ability to command a hose line to extinguish an interior Class A fire using standard hose techniques and proper ventilation.
  7. Demonstrates ability to extinguish a Class B fire using foam and proper application techniques.
  8. Demonstrates ability to extinguish a Class B fire using a 20-lb. dry chemical extinguisher.

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