NVIC 08-14 – elementary first aid

No. NVIC Task Description Location
1. 4.1.A State the importance of body substance isolation PE‑0031
2. 4.1.B List body substance barrier devices PE‑0031
3. 4.1.C Identify four scene safety hazards PE‑0031
4. 4.1.D State what is to be done when a medical or trauma emergency is suspected PE‑0031
5. 4.1.E Describe patient assessment procedures in order PE‑0031
6. 4.2.A Describe the functions of the parts forming the body structure PE‑0031
7. 4.3.A List the reasons for not changing the position of a patient PE‑0031
8. 4.3.B List the reasons for positioning a patient PE‑0031
9. 4.4.A Determine whether resuscitation is required PE‑0031
10. 4.4.B Demonstrate opening of the airway and checking for breathing EFA-4B4B in PE‑0031
11. 4.4.C List the proper procedures for two-person CPR PE‑0031
12. 4.4.D Demonstrate action for an unresponsive person who is not breathing EFA-4B4D in PE‑0031
13. 4.4.E Demonstrate the procedure for determining if a patient has a pulse EFA-4B4E in PE‑0031
14. 4.4.F Demonstrate proper hand placements for chest compressions EFA-4B4F in PE‑0031
15. 4.4.G Demonstrate proper CPR compressions for two minutes EFA-4B4F in PE‑0031
16. 4.4.H Demonstrate actions for a conscious adult with airway blockage EFA-4B4H in PE‑0031
17. 4.4.I Demonstrate actions for an unconscious adult with airway blockage EFA-4B4I in PE‑0031
18. 4.5.A Demonstrate proper bleeding control techniques EFA-4B5A in PE‑0031
19. 4.6.A Identify the signs and symptoms of shock development PE‑0031
20. 4.6.B Describe the position for a patient in shock (no spinal injury) PE‑0031
21. 4.7.A Identify the kinds of burns that can occur PE‑0031
22. 4.7.B Describe first, second, and third degree burns PE‑0031
23. 4.7.C Identify the means of reducing the possibility of infection PE‑0031
24. 4.8.A State the circumstances when the victim should not be moved PE‑0031
25. 4.8.B List circumstances when a victim should be moved from the scene PE‑0031
26. 4.8.C Demonstrate immobilizing a fracture using splints and ties EFA-4B8C in PE‑0031
27. 4.8.D Demonstrate preparing patient for spinal immobilization EFA-4B8D in PE‑0031
28. 4.9.A Demonstrate bandaging technique for wound treatment EFA-4B9A in PE‑0031