As part of a fire team, given conditions simulating a smoldering fire on board a vessel.

Performance requirement

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:
  • assess the situation and make an appropriate plan of attack
  • attack a smoldering fire in a closed room using an all-purpose nozzle
  • maneuver the hose line to maintain an uninterrupted flow of water
  • control and extinguish the fire
  • demonstrate proper fire overhaul

as part of a team or individually,

  • sound proper alarm prior to fire attack
  • order necessary system shutdowns and notifications
  • deploy additional fire parties as required
  • display the proper use of all P.P.E
  • displays proper procedures for rehab, hydration and cool down
  • communicate effectively with others, including shore-side personnel
  • rescue, remove, and treat casualties, if any
  • demonstrate correct technique
  • successfully extinguish fire


Assessed in FF‑0104 3/C Firefighting Practicum.


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