Course Description

Replaces Sea Term III or Sea Term IV. Qualified cadets are afforded an opportunity to train aboard a commercially-operated vessel in an engineering capacity for a maximum of sixty days in lieu of sailing aboard the Academy training ship. The student must have had junior status during the previous academic term.

This course consists of an approximately 60-day long experience on a commercial vessel and completion of a written sea project.

STCW Objectives

Other objectives

  • Gain practical experience while living and working on a commercial ship, under the supervision of the ship’s officers.

  • Complete a comprehensive sea project, describing all aspects of the ship and its operation.

  • The commercial sea term is a significant practical learning experience which supports many institutional, departmental, and program goals, including:

    • Develop competence in safe watch-standing, operation and maintenance of shipboard machinery, and many other elements of STCW Table III/1.
    • Perform and behave in a professional manner.
    • Work and achieve goals as a member of a team.
    • Develop competence in written, oral, and listening skills.
    • Develop a sense of global awareness and social responsibility.
    • Make decisions and act in a safe and responsible manner.