Assessment ABDE-3-1A

Demonstrate crane and hoist signals

Assessed in ST-0999D Sea Term I (Deck Portion)

Also satisfies equivalent requirement for AB-Engine


Aboard ship or in a laboratory

Performance Requirements

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Demonstrate the basic signals for crane operation

Clearly give signals for:

  • Hoist/Lower
  • Stop /Emergency Stop
  • Move slowly
  • Raise/Lower Boom
  • Dog everything

Make no safety violations

Supports Table A-II/5 able seafarer deck

Competence Knowledge, Understanding & Proficiency Task

Contribute to the safe operation of deck equipment and machinery

D-C1.1 Knowledge of deck equipment, including:

  1. function and uses of valves and pumps, hoists, cranes, booms, and related equipment
  2. function and uses of winches, windlasses, capstans and related equipment
  3. hatches, watertight doors, ports, and related equipment
  4. fibre and wire ropes, cables and chains, including their construction, use, markings, maintenance and proper stowage
  5. ability to use and understand basic signals for the operation of equipment, including winches, windlasses, cranes, and hoists
  6. ability to operate anchoring equipment under various conditions, such as anchoring, weighing anchor, securing for sea, and in emergencies

Demonstrate crane and hoist signals

Published: 2016-10-28-04:00