Assessment PS-3

Jump from a height into the water

Assessed in PS-0301 4/C STCW Personal Survival


In a swimming pool or suitable protected waters.

Performance Requirements

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Enter water from an elevated platform while wearing a USCG approved Type-1 PFD.

When entering the water:

  • Water is entered feet first
  • Ankles are crossed
  • One hand is used to secure lifejacket at opposite shoulder
  • Second arm crosses over the first, and hand protects mouth and nose.

Supports Table A-VI/1-1 personal survival

Competence Knowledge, Understanding & Proficiency Task

Survive at sea in the event of ship abandonment

X1.5 Principles concerning survival, including:

  1. value of training and drills
  2. personal protective clothing and equipment
  3. need to be ready for any emergency
  4. actions to be taken when called to survival craft stations
  5. actions to be taken when required to abandon ship
  6. actions to be taken when in the water
  7. actions to be taken when aboard a survival craft
  8. main dangers to survivors

Jump from a height into the water

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