NVIC Tasks

MMA methods mapped to NVIC Tasks

NVIC Name Mapping D/E
12-14 officer in charge of a navigation watch OICNW Tasks D
06-14 ratings forming part of a navigation watch RFPNW Tasks D
14-14 able seafarer deck ABD Tasks D
17-14 officers in charge of an engineering watch OICEW Tasks E
07-14 ratings forming part of an engineering watch RFPEW Tasks E
18-14 able seafarer engine ABE Tasks E
08-14 personal survival PS Tasks D/E
08-14 fire prevention and fire fighting FF Tasks D/E
08-14 elementary first aid EFA Tasks D/E
08-14 personal safety and social responsibility PSSR Tasks D/E
04-14 survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats SCRB Tasks D/E
09-14 advanced fire fighting AFF Tasks D/E
05-04 medical first aid MFA Tasks D/E