Index - Common

No. Assessment Description
1. ABDE-DE-1 Demonstrate crane and hoist signals
2. EFA-4B4B Demonstrate opening of the airway and checking for breathing image
3. EFA-4B4D Demonstrate action for an unresponsive person who is not breathing image
4. EFA-4B4E Demonstrate the procedure for determining if a patient has a pulse image
5. EFA-4B4F Demonstrate proper hand placements for chest compressions image
6. EFA-4B4G Demonstrate proper CPR compressions for two minutes image
7. EFA-4B4H Demonstrate actions for a conscious adult with airway blockage image
8. EFA-4B4I Demonstrate actions for an unconscious adult with airway blockage image
9. EFA-4B5A Demonstrate proper bleeding control techniques image
10. EFA-4B8C Demonstrate immobilizing a fracture using splints and ties image
11. EFA-4B8D Demonstrate preparing patient for spinal immobilization image
12. EFA-4B9A Demonstrate bandaging technique for wound treatment image
13. FF-2PFE Use various types of portable fire extinguishers to extinguish smaller fires.
14. FF-2SBA Don and use a self-contained breathing apparatus
15. FF-4FGF Extinguish a flammable gas fire image
16. FF-4PCF Extinguish a petrochemical fire image
17. FF-4SF Extinguish a smoldering fire image
18. FF-6PLF Extinguish a paint locker fire image
19. FF-6SRF Extinguish a stateroom fire image
20. FF-8ERF Extinguish an engine room fire image
21. FF-8FSR Firefighting self rescue image
22. FF-8SAR Search and Rescue image
23. MFA-1M1A Assess and treat life-threatening conditions image
24. MFA-1M1B Perform a detailed physical assessment image
25. MFA-1M2A Immobilize a victim with a spinal injury image
26. MFA-1M3A Immobilize and apply traction a victim with a broken femur image
27. MFA-1M3B Immobilize a long bone fracture image
28. MFA-1M4A Perform CPR image
29. MFA-1M4B Use a AED image
30. MFA-1M4C Manage obstructed airway in a conscious victim image
31. MFA-1M4D Manage obstructed airway in an unconscious victim image
32. PS-1 Don a lifejacket
33. PS-2 Don and use an immersion suit
34. PS-3 Jump from a height into the water
35. PS-4 Right an inverted liferaft
36. PS-5 Swim while wearing a lifejacket
37. PS-6 Keep afloat without a lifejacket
38. PS-7 Board a survival craft while wearing a lifejacket
39. PS-8 Use of lifeboat equipment
40. SCRB-1 Right an inverted lifefraft
41. SCRB-2 Launch, board and recover survival craft.
42. SCRB-3 Start and operate survival craft engine
43. SCRB-4 Row and steer survival craft