Containerization and Modern Cargo Stowage

Course Description

Students will be able to supervise the preparation of holds and the operation of ships’ cargo gear and will be aware of the importance of adequately securing cargo to prevent damage to the ship or cargo aboard break-bulk, container, bulk and other types of dry cargo vessels, including an introduction to underway replenishment operations. Students will identify dangerous goods and know that they are to be stowed and separated according to the requirements of the IMDG Code. They will also know the hazards related to some bulk cargoes and the precautions to take during their loading and carriage. Knowledge of various water ballast systems and hatch cover systems will be imparted. Students will know the responsibilities for carrying cargo and cargo claim prevention principles.

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following STCW elements:

Other Objectives

As a result of completing the course and successfully passing the associated examinations, Cadets will be able to:


  1. Course Introduction
  2. Dry Cargo Introduction - Types of Cargos and Ships
  3. Cargo Containers – History & the Intermodal System
  4. Cargo Containers – McLean Video
  5. Cargo Containers – Types
  6. Cargo Containers - Terminals and Ships
  7. Cargo Containers - Emma Maersk Video
  8. Cargo Containers - Handling Securing
  9. Cargo Containers – Refrigerated Cargo
  10. Hazardous Cargo
  11. Hazardous Cargo - IMDG
  12. Cargo Operations - Officer Responsibilities
  13. Cargo Handling Equipment - Derricks, Cranes, Winches
  14. General Cargo Stowage Principals
  15. Load Planning - Stowage Factors / Preparing Holds & Ship
  16. Roll On / Roll Off Cargo
  17. Special Cargo - Heavy Lift and deck cargo
  18. Special Cargo - Miscellaneous
  19. Underway Replenishment, Cargo Ops
  20. Hatch Covers and Ballast
  21. Bulk Cargo
  22. Caring for the Cargo - Responsibilities
  23. Cargo Documentation including security
  24. Claims & Claim Prevention

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