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Sunday 24 February 2002

At 1200 EST, the training ship Empire State is moored starboard side to the dock at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. We are taking various services from the pier, including water, power, love and affection. The weather is wonderful. Air temperature is an unseasonal 48 degrees, water temperature is 40 degrees, wind is from the south at 5 knots, heart rate is 102, Blood Pressure is high.


"Home is the sailor, home from the sea..."

-Robert Louis Stephenson

or, for the less literary among you:

"There's no place like home!"


Well, this concludes the Captain's log entries for the 2002 Sea Term Semester. It has been my honor and pleasure to communicate with so many of you through the MMA web page. I hope you have enjoyed the write ups, the photos, and my continuing shameless attempts to educate everyone who clicks into this site.

MMA is an outstanding college. "Not for everyone" as Admiral Bresnahan, president of MMA, frequently says to the open house crowds, but well worth the effort for those who choose to come. To quote one of New England's favorite poets:

"I took the road less travelled by... and that has made all the difference."

-Robert Frost

Thank you for all of your positive comments on our efforts in publishing the daily Captain's logs. The grind of writing a daily "column" for 40 days and 40 nights could become overwhelming at times, but your compliments and comments were the food that kept us sustained.

See you all next year... from the decks and spaces of the TRAINING SHIP ENTERPRISE