Deep Sea Navigation

Course Description

This course reinforces and continues the learning of the navigational processes and knowledge acquired in Coastal Navigation that are used daily while at sea. In addition to applying knowledge already studied including position fixing techniques, sources of error and correction calculation, NAVAIDS, and navigational publications, the student will learn and understand the concepts of Tides and Currents and their calculation, The Navigational Sailings, and be introduced to voyage planning, use of navigation publications, and navigational record keeping. Classwork is supplemented by practical chart plot exercises in weekly labs including time in the Electronic and Navigation Lab (ENL) or Integrated Navigation Lab (INL) simulator with students working in teams of two at each student station. Note: A student who fails twice to receive a minimum C- grade will be disenrolled from the Marine Transportation degree program. [Lab time required]

This course consists of two 1-hour lectures and one 2-hour lab per week for a semester with practrical assessments and a comprehensive final examination.

Entrance Requirements

Successful completion of ST-0999 Sea Term I and MT-1221 Coastal Navigation

This course serves as a pre-requisite for MT-2371 Sea Term II and MT-2222 Celestial Navigation.

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following STCW elements:

Demonstrate proficiency in the following skills:




Other objectives