Stability and Trim

Course Description

This course is designed to meet all stability knowledge requirements for Officer in Charge of a Navigation Watch defined by STCW Regulation II/1. Building on the principles of stability, the student will use tables and diagrams of stability and trim data to calculate initial stability, drafts and trim for any given configuration of loading. The student will compute both longitudinal and transverse stability for any condition during the load-out or discharge using both the traditional stability booklet and stability software. The student will interpret stability information and identify factors adversely affecting stability. Finally, the student will become familiar with damage stability assessment and fundamental actions to be taken in the event of partial loss of intact buoyancy.

This course consists of three 1-hour lectures or two 1-1/2-hour lectures a week for a semester with a comprehensive final examination.

Entrance requirements

A strong foundation in algebra and trigonometry is a pre-requisite for this course.

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following STCW elements:


Other objectives

Building on the principles of stability, the student will be able to: