Applied Shiphandling

Course Description

The students who successfully complete Applied Shiphandling will have gained experience in handling ships real and simulated under conditions and will make a more effective contribution to the bridge team during ship maneuvering. In particular, students will gain: familiarization with the use of engines and helm for ship maneuvering; an understanding of the effects on the behavior of the ship of wind, current, shallow water, banks and narrow channels, and conditions of loading; a greater awareness of the importance of planning a passage or maneuver and the need for an alternative plan; the effective use of information found on the maneuvering diagram; and, effective bridge team management procedures. [Lab time required]

This course consists of one 4 hour lab per week and a comprehensive final examination.

Entrance requirements

As per USCG, Academy and Marine Transportation Department requirements, any student enrolled in this course must have previously successfully satisfied the following prerequisites:

Learning Objectives


Other objectives