STCW Lifeboatman Qualifications

Course Description

Provides minimum standard of competence in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rest rescue boats (Table A-VI/2-1). Launching: practical assessments to take charge of a lifeboat during and after launch using proper commands and safety methods; recover a lifeboat in water; steer and start engine; manage survivors. Rowing: practical assessments to manage a lifeboat after abandoning ship, using proper commands, lifeboat equipment and devices to aid in location.

This course consists of four 2-hour practical assessment blocks.

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate proficiency in the following skills:


  1. Practical demonstration “Under Oars”
  2. Practical demonstration of:
    • Steering by Magnetic Compass
    • Deploying a sea anchor
    • Rigging a Search and Rescue Transponder (S.A.R.T.)
    • Demonstrating the use of a lifeboat radio
    • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (E.P.I.R. B.)
  3. Practical demonstration of “Launching and Recovering” a lifeboat
  4. Examination on the following topics:
    • Familiarity with survival craft equipment
    • Managing survivors
    • Signals for distress and signaling to attract attention o Starting a lifeboat engine
    • Sending a MAYDAY voice message
    • Devices used to aid in the location of a survival craft o Interpreting lifeboat markings
    • Deploying a sea anchor
    • Purpose of a sea painter

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