3/C Firefighting Practicum

Course Description

Second component of training for Basic and Advanced Firefighting certification (Table A-VI-3). Instruction in fire behavior, fire attacks, personal protective equipment and fire fighting equipment on ship. Practical training at the Barnstable training site.

This course consists of two hour lecture, and 8-hour practical.

Entrance requirements

Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF) is available to any student who has completed Basic Fire Fighting.

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following STCW elements:

Demonstrate proficiency in the following skills:


  1. P.P.E.
  2. Stages of Fire
  3. Shipboard Fire Equipment
  4. Fire Attack with Hose Lines
  5. Extinguishing smoldering fires
  6. Extinguishing petrochemical fires
  7. Initiating system shutdowns
  8. Managing adjacent spaces

Other Objectives

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