Maneuver for man overboard


On a ship at sea or in a full mission simulator, upon receiving notification of a Man-Overboard.

Performance requirement

Behavior Standard
The student will: During assessment, the student shall, at a minimum:

Immediately initiate either a Williamson Turn or Anderson Turn (as appropriate for conditions), return the vessel to the MOB, and give the command to launch the rescue boat.

  1. Order full rudder to the side of MOB and place engines on stand by (do not reduce speed);
  2. Simulate releasing the lighted buoy;
  3. Sound MOB signal if other vessels are in sight;
  4. Mark (if equipped) the ship’s position on ARPA/GPS;
  5. Simulate a “Pan Pan” call on the VHF notifying any vessels in vicinity of the MOB;
  6. Complete the recovery turn;
  7. State that the rescue boat would be prepared for launch; or scrambling nets rigged on correct side of the vessel; 8. State that when on the reciprocal of the original course, the vessel will be slowed and stopped within .1 nm of the MOB to begin the recovery/search.

Note: This assessment supports KUP OICNW-A9.1, and is assessed in MT-4133 Bridge Resource Management.