NVIC Method

Show NVIC method.

STCW Competence Knowledge, Understanding, and Proficiency

Use of radar and ARPA to maintain safety of navigation

OICNW-A3.4 Ability to operate and to interpret and analyze information obtained from ARPA, including system performance and accuracy, tracking capabilities and limitations, and processing delays and operational warnings and system tests

Condition Behavior Standard

Course ARPA

The assessment is satisfied by successful completion of a Coast Guard approved or accepted course specified in 46 CFR 11.309(a)(4).

The assessment is not required for mariners serving exclusively on vessels not fitted with an Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA); a limitation will be added to the OICNW endorsement indicating that it is not valid on vessels equipped with ARPA.

This KUP is demonstrated if the candidate has successfully completed the ARPA course specified in 46 CFR 11.309(a)(4)(xiv).

MMA Method

In order to satisfy NVIC 12-14 Task 3.6 , MMA students must: