Function: Radiocommunications at the operational level

CompetenceKnowledge, Understanding & ProficiencyLocation(s)

Transmit and receive information using GMDSS subsystems and equipment and fulfilling the functional requirements of GMDSS


In addition to the requirements of the Radio Regulations, a knowledge of:

  1. search and rescue radiocommunications, including procedures in the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue (IAMSAR) Manual
  2. the means to prevent the transmission of false distress alerts and the procedures to mitigate the effects of such alerts
  3. ship reporting systems
  4. radio medical services
  5. use of the International Code of Signals and the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases
  6. the English language, both written and spoken, for the communication of information relevant to safety of life at sea


Provide radio services in emergencies


The provision of radio services in emergencies such as:

  1. abandon ship
  2. fire on board ship
  3. partial or full breakdown of radio installations



Preventive measures for the safety of ship and personnel in connection with hazards related to radio equipment, including electrical and non-ionizing radiation hazards