T.S. Patriot State Engineering Manual

Patriot State was the training ship of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy from 1986 to 1998.

Deck Machinery

Anchor Windlass

A combined anchor windlass and warping winch, of the electric motor driven horizontal shaft type, is provided for handling the bow anchors. The windlass is capable of hoisting both anchors and their chains from a depth of thirty fathoms of water at a speed of 45 fpm. The windlass is driven by a 150 horsepower electric motor provided with a stepless, variable speed control system.

Deck Winches

Two electric motor driven, single drum, single reduction gear cargo winches are provided. The maximum drum pull is 6,360 lbs. with a drum line speed of 230 fpm.

Two single speed, single drum electric motor driven topping winches are provided for servicing the booms. Two vang winches are provided for servicing the booms. Each vang winch is capable of developing a static line pull of 10,000 lbs. One single speed, single drum electric motor driven schooner guy winch is provided for servicing the schooner guy. The schooner guy winch is capable of developing a static line pull of 10,000 pounds.

All winches are mounted horizontally to permit simultaneous topping or lowering and swinging of the booms.


Two electrically driven, single-speed, Panama Canal line capstans are provided and located on the main deck between frames 94-95. Each capstan is designed for a normal line pull of 2,000 pounds at a speed of 90 feet per minute.


One pedestal mounted, extendable boom, Appleton Marine Crane is mounted on the main deck aft. The unit is outfitted with an operator's station. Power for the unit is derived from an electrohydraulic, open loop hydraulic system driven by a A.C. squirrel cage induction motor, 50 HP continuous rating (440 volt, 3 phase). The hydraulic pump is of the variable displacement pressure compensated, axial piston type. Pump delivery is 32 gpm with pressure capabilities to 3000 psi. A hydraulic reservoir (100 gallons) contains both a suction strainer and a return line filter. The crane is rated to handle 15,000 pounds at a 50 foot radius. Boom length is 30 foot retracted and 50 foot extended. The swing system is capable of 360° continuous rotation at speeds variable from 0 to .75 RPM. The unit is capable of operation with rated loads at list angles up to 5°.

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