T.S. Patriot State Engineering Manual

Patriot State was the training ship of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy from 1986 to 1998.

Steam System Operation

The auxiliary steam systems should be warmed up and secured in accordance with standard marine practice. The following precautions should be observed:

  1. Always use by-pass valves around reducing stations for warming up. After the piping is warm, open the reducing valve outlet stop valve and slowly open the inlet stop valve, disposing of condensation, dirt, etc., by opening the strainer blow-off line.The inlet valve should not be opened wide until the by-pass is shut and pressure beyond the reducing valve has been stabilized at the proper value, otherwise excessive pressures will result if the reduced pressure line.
  2. When supplying steam to a unit, always open the root valve first, then slowly open the valve at the auxiliary.
  3. Whenever the L.O. service pump is placed in operation, the L.O. service standby pump must be warmed up then placed under the control of the constant pressure governor. That is, all valves will be open except the governor which is controlled by the feeler line from the L.O. system.

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