T.S. Patriot State Engineering Manual

Patriot State was the training ship of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy from 1986 to 1998.

Make-up Feed System

Make-up feed is required to replace steam and condensate lost from the steam cycle due to steam atomization, leakage, relief valve blowoff etc. The need for make-up feed is indicated by a low level in the D.C. heater; however, a low D.C. heater may also indicate a condensate pump failure, high boiler level, or high condenser hotwell level.

The make-up feed under normal conditions is taken from the two 8300 gallon reserve feed tanks located underneath the main condenser. This feed water flows to either the main or auxiliary condensers via a vacuum drag line.

The reserve feed tanks are connected to the in-port feed pump through the pump suction manifold to allow boiler filling, emergency suction, and reserve feed transfer. Excess feed in the system can be dumped to the reserve feed tank through a manually operated dump valve or a manually operated recirculating line spill valve.

The reserve feed tanks can be filled from the evaporators via an open funnel, or from the potable water tanks forward through a locked, closed valve and an open funnel to the reserve tanks. The practice on Patriot State is to keep feed water quality water in potable tanks numbers one and two. A deck filling connection is also provided.

Make-up Feed System (MUF)

Make-up Feed System (MUF)

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