Marine Engineering Workbook 6th Edition


In order to create an exam, you must enter a list of question numbers from the 6th Edition of the Marine Engineering Workbook into the Select Questions box. You can enter numbers manually, or use the Select Questions controls to generate question lists automatically. Exams are limited to 100 questions, maximum.

You can set up the Header Fields the way you want them to appear on your exam. The Scramble button is useful for generating multiple versions of the same exam. You can select whether you want illustrations and answer sheets generated.  Delete Duplicates and Sort does what it says; you may need it because the Add Questions button may introduce duplicates.

Click either the Preview or or the Make Exam buttons to generate your test.

Preview will generate an XHTML version of the exam and return it to your web browser. You can print or save it as you wish. This should work in any modern web browser, however the formatting of the printed exam may not be perfect.

Make Exam will generate an exam in Rich Text Format (RTF) suitable for use with Microsoft Word, and download it directly to your computer. This can take 30 seconds or more for exams with many illustrations. If you have your web browser and computer configured properly, the exam will open automatically in Word, nicely formatted. If your computer is not set up to automatically open RTF documents, you will most likely find a document called MEWBExam.rtf in your download location.

Once the exam opens in Microsoft Word, you can edit it as you wish. Note that the document uses "styles," so that you can, if you wish, easily edit the appearance of the exam by redefining the styles. Similarly, you can resize the illustrations to fit more on each page.

Many different word processors support Rich Text Format. Unfortunately, the Macintosh programs TextEdit and Pages can open RTF documents, but do not support Images, or Styles.

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