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Q: When will my cadet be able to come home when Sea Term is over?

All cadets will know their individual schedules prior to the ship's arrival in New Orleans. They will be instructed to "phone home" from port so loved ones can make plans. It is impossible to know earlier than that because many things impact the schedule including cadet's individual watch preferences, needs of the ship, weather enroute, discipline issues, and sea time requirements. All cadets will have an opportunity to pick duty assignments for the off load period. Some local cadets want to go right home and come back later to clean the ship before we return it to New York. Out of State cadets may want to get their duty over with and have the rest of the week off to travel home. Some cadets want the key learning opportunity (and the to chance to be in charge) for the transit back to the Bronx.

Q: Will my cadet have liberty during the alongside/loading period in B-Bay after the ship returns home?

All liberty, of course, is dependant on the work load, weather, and the needs of the ship, but the off load and clean up period usually allows for the cadets in the work parties to get off the ship at the end of the work day, typically 1630 (4:30 PM). Cadets on watch, however, must remain aboard. They are the fire department and the Emergency squad. Cadets select(or are assigned)duties for the off load period prior to the ship's arrival in New Orleans. They SHOULD call home to inform family members of their responsibilities.

Q: Can I follow the ship's progress on a chart without plotting the position every day?

Yes. We are trying a new ploting program. Click on Ship's Position on the left, in the blue stripe. Another option, click on ocean weather to the left of this web page and look for the letters "KKFW". That is the updated position of the Empire State, as plotted by the weather service when the ship sends in local weather reports.

Q: What is the call sign of the Empire State?

KKFW ("kilo kilo foxtrot whiskey") are the call letters for the ship.

Q: Can I send a radiogram to the ship?

Mobile Radio will send a radio gram to anyone on the ship. Call #800-241-1090. Approximate costs: $25 for 50 words or less.

Q: Can I view Captain's logs from earlier in the Sea Term?

Yes, using the calendar to the left of the daily log, click on the date you want to view. It should appear. Captain's logs from past sea terms are found here.

Q: Can I wire money to my cadet aboard ship?

Yes. MMA provides a free service, nicknamed "Banco-Atlantico", that allows direct transfer of money to cadets or crew on the ship. Here's how it works: call Ms. Marissa Barros @ 508-830-6411 (during normal business hours) with a credit card. She will make a cash advance on your card, we will notify the ship via e-mail and your cadet will have the money, in cash, when the Captain holds the next crew pay day, typically every Thursday morning. If you don't have a credit card, mail her a Bank check or drop off the money at the MMA business office and we will do the same transfer.

Q: Can I e-mail my cadet on the Sea Term?

No. Aboard ship, we subscribe to a radio service to send/receive e-mail. Similar to the way cell phones work, we have to pay for "air" time. Consequently, e-mails are not free and we have to limit communication with the ship to important business items only. Sorry.

Q: What if there is an emergency at home, how do I contact my cadet?

If you have an emergency, contact any of the officers listed on the Admiral's letter home to the families, call the Academy directly at 508-830-5000, or call Capt Rick Gurnon at 508-830-5045(w) or 508-759-7637(h).