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Q: How can I send a Valentine message to my cadet?

A: Contact Mobile Radio @ 800-241-1090. See info below.

Q:When will the ship be back and where can I see her come in?

A:Weather permitting, the Empire State should anchor in Cape Cod Bay sometime during the day on Saturday, 19 February, 2000. (She should be visible to viewers from the Sandwich breakwater.) On Sunday morning, 20 February at about 0800, she should enter the east end (Sandwich) and begin the transit of the Cape Cod Canal, docking at the Academy at 0955.

Q:At the end of the Sea Term, when will my cadet be off duty and able to go home?

A:All cadets must work at least one day during the arrival Buzzards Bay week. Some will choose to work the day of arrival (Sun, 20 Feb) and have the rest of the week off. Some may want to go right home and then come back in to help unload the ship later in the week. Every cadet will know their individual schedule by the time the ship arrives in Spain and will be instructed to communicate the schedule to their families.

Q:Can I follow the ship's progress on a chart without plotting the position every day?

A:Yes. Click on "Ocean Weather" to the left of this web page and look for the letters "KKFW". That is the updated position of the Empire State.

Q: What is the call sign of the Empire State?

A: KKFW ("kilo kilo foxtrot whiskey") are the call letters for the ship.

Q: Can I send a radio gram to the ship?

A; Mobile Radio will send a radio gram to anyone on the ship. Call #800-241-1090. Approximate costs: 25 words-$13.85/ 26-50 words-$17.70/51-75 words-$24.05.

Q: Can I view Captain's logs from earlier in the Milennium Sea Term?

A: Yes, using the calendar to the right of the daily log, click on the date you want to view. It should appear. Captain's logs from past sea terms are filed under the "Training Ship" button on the MMA home page.

Q: Can I wire money to my cadet aboard ship?

A: Yes. MMA provides a free service, nicknamed "Banco-Atlantico", that allows direct transfer of money to cadets or crew on the ship. Here's how it works: call Ms. Marissa Barrows @ 508-830-6411 (during normal business hours) with a credit card. She will make a cash advance on your card, we will notify the ship via e-mail and your cadet will have the money, in cash, the next day. If you don't have a credit card, mail her a check or drop off the money at the MMA business office and we will do the same transfer.

Q: Can I e-mail my cadet on the Sea Term?

A: No. Aboard ship, we subscribe to a radio service to send/receive e-mail. Similar to the way cell phones work, we have to pay for "air" time. Consequently, e-mails are not free and we have to limit communication with the ship to important business items only. Sorry.

Q:What if there is an emergency at home, how do I contact my cadet?

A: If you have an emergency, contact any of the designated Academy personnel or call the Academy directly at 508-830-5000 or call Capt Rick Gurnon at 508-830-5045(w) or 508-759-7637(h).