MMA El Niño Water Available
nino_ picture During the 1998 Winter Sea Term, the Patriot State, training ship for the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, crossed through the Panama Canal and ventured to the very heart of the el Niño phenomenon. Steaming in the equator regions of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Equador, cadets from the Academy collected water samples and sent oceanographic data back to Washington D.C. for NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration).

Some of these samples are now being made available to the public. Only a very limited supply of the special water was collected by the cadets... and rumors that the water has special powers (like the ability to keep your driveway free of snow all winter, make it rain on your garden, heat your living room, or turn a cold bath into a hot tub) are completely unproven.

If you would like to order your own authentic sample of el Niño water, please send a $10.00 donation and $3.50 to cover postage and handling to:

El Niño Water
c/o MMA Foundation
101 Academy Drive
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532

All proceeds from the sale of the water go to support a scholarship fund named in honor of Commander Robert Strautman, a highly respected professor of Nautical Science at the college who died quite suddenly while on this year's Sea Term.

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