MMA Cruise 98 Mailing Addresses

Mailing Information

The mailing addresses listed below are for the 1998 Winter Sea Term. All letters should be sent via air mail and posted at least seven (7) to ten (10) days in advance of the ship's arrival in port. There is no guarantee that letters arriving into a port after the ship has departed will be forwarded or returned. Therefore, nothing of significant monetary value should be mailed. We (along with our port agents) strongly discourage the sending of packages to cadets/crew, especially in a foreign port. The reason being, all packages end up at customs where they are inspected and a tax is imposed. This process takes several days and must be handled at the customs office by the addressee.

Fort Rodman, Panama (18-22 Jan 98)

T.S. Patriot State
C/O Norton Lilly International (Panama) S.A.
P.O. Box 2027
Balboa, Ancon
Republic of Panama

Caldera, Costa Rica (30 Jan 98 through 02 Feb 98)

T.S. Patriot State
C/O Agencias Unidas, S.A. (AUSA)
SJO 299
P.O. Box 025216
Miami, FL 33102-5216

Port Everglades, FL, USA (13-16 Feb 98)

T.S. Patriot State
C/O Strachan Shipping Company
P.O. Box 13131
Port Everglades, FL 33316


Telegrams may be sent to the ship while at sea in the following manner:

  • Call Mobile Radio (WLO) at (800)241-1090.
  • Payment may be made with a major credit card or it may be charged to your telephone company.
  • Inform the operator that you would like to send a shore to ship message to the T.S. Patriot State.
  • Cost is $9.85 ($6.00 handling & $3.85 delivery fee) for 25 words or less. Price increases $6.35 for each 25 word increment.


During the cruise period, information relating to the status of the ship and her crew will be available on our Cruise 98 page.

We will also be maintaining a phone info line, which will be updated every two or three days and may be obtained by calling the academy at (508) 830-5009 from 12 January 1998 through 22 February 1998 - only.

Information regarding cadets and voyage plans prior to departure from Buzzards Bay, MA may be obtained by calling the quarterdeck at (508) 830-5000 extension 1550 from Saturday, 03 Jan 98 through Saturday, 10 Jan 98.

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