MMA1996 Sea Term

The ports that are to be visited are Tenerife in the Canary Islands; Barcelona, Spain; and Naples, Italy. The 52-day adventure is certain to offer some wonderful opportunities for the cadets, who will participate in numerous training activities and programs before and after the visit. If the cruise is not enough, the sites to see in the ports will make this year's sea term the event of a lifetime.

The Canary Islands of Spain are a chain of seven volcanically formed islands that are extremely popular for European tourists, particularly for the beaches during the summer. The islands depend greatly on agriculture and tourism; crops harvested include bananas, tomatoes, grapes, sugarcane, and tobacco. Tenerife and Gran Canaria are the centers for tourism, and each has an excellent reputation for satisfying visitors. Shopping, sightseeing, guided tours and ethnic dining are options for the cadets. Other considerations are the sites in San Sebastian, where a church and tower remain from the late 1400s.

Barcelona, Spain promises to be very interesting. The city is situated between the Besos and Llobregat rivers and much is located on the mountainous terrain of the region. Barcelona is an industrial center of Spain; textiles, automobiles and many manufactured goods are produced. The sights to see include the Ramblas, a stretch of avenues that border the commercial center of the city. La Plaza de Cataluna is the heart of the commercial shopping district. There are numerous monuments, such as one of Christopher Columbus, which was built in the 1800s. Mount Taber is the home of walls constructed by the Romans. Museums in Barcelona are the Museum of Catalonian Art, tbe Picasso Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art. Transportation is readily available; a subway, cable cars and buses offer quick and easy travel throughout the city. Night life is full of fun; clubs are modern, but many have a Spanish flavor that can make a memorable evening.

The city of Naples, Italy is the nation's center for culture and industry. It is the third largest city in the country, and is near Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum. The coastal region borders the Bay of Naples, a breathtaking body of water. Within the city are plenty of sights and things to do. The University of Naples was founded in 1224 by Frederick II. Art is an important aspect of the city's culture, and a trip to one of the several museums is worth the expense. The historic San Carlo Theatre in town was started in 1737. There are ancient 4 Ings, palaces and cathedrals: thc Castel Nuovo; a zoo and aquarium; real ltalian food and enough to do day or night to keep even the heartiest souls occupied.

The ports of call on the 1996 cruise are all very original and exciting. Naples, Barcelona and the Canary Islands touch on the best that the Mediterranean has to offer. With the historic and ethnic sights, museums, shopping and good times, everyone in the Regiment of Cadets is sure to have an enjoyable trip.

Created: November 15, 1995 by weh
Author: R Nash